About us

About Digability

We, a cluster of companies specialized in information technology and artificial intelligence, are operating under the umbrella of Khalifa Computer Group (KCG) and are being led by Diginovia while partnering with Cloud Soft5. We have created and introduced innovative assistance technologies to support individuals with disabilities, catering to all types of disabilities (including hearing, visual, physical, and cognitive impairments) across different operating systems and platforms in various countries.

In 2010, we introduced the Unified Electronic Sign Language Dictionary, the first assistive technology project to employ information technology for the purpose of easing the lives of individuals with disabilities. This project has received both local and international accolades

Our Vision

Digability envisions itself as the pioneering and foremost global brand in the development of assistive technologies for individuals with disabilities.

Our Mission

Our mission at Digability is to continuously innovate sustainable assistive technologies, and to ensure their effective implementation and widespread adoption across all sectors, both locally and globally.

How do we develop technologies for people with disabilities?

  • Determine the specific disability to target.
  • Identify and analyze the problem with the assistance of individuals who have disabilities.
  • Research and analyze the requirements and available assistive technologies.
  • Develop new technologies.
  • Monitor the social impact of the project.
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan and study for the project.
  • Engage stakeholders, support organizations, and funding entities.
  • Implement the project with the participation of individuals with disabilities in the execution.
  • Continuously improve and update the project to ensure its sustainability.

Why do we develop assistive technologies for people with disabilities?

Khalifa Group is committed to justice, equality, and providing equal opportunities to all individuals, ensuring that they have the right to a decent life. With a focus on individuals with disabilities, the group strives to facilitate their full integration and inclusion into society by developing and adapting information technology and innovative assistive technologies. Additionally, the group works on developing electronic content that is accessible to individuals with disabilities, as well as creating awareness-raising content for the community.